By Ty W.

These are hard times! It is the era of FDR and the Great Depression. Unemployment rates are high, jobs have been lost, and people need money to take care of their families. Should the government step in and help or should the government leave its citizens to help themselves? The government  should have enough control over the citizens to help with unemployment and poverty.

FDR developed the Works Progress Administration to provide direct support for the unemployed and their families. By employing workers, the program helped poor families so they could provide food and clothing and education for their kids and themselves.

Franklin D. Roosevelt also created the Social Security Act to provide for retirees in their old age and people with disabilities. FDR gave a speech saying, “We can never insure 100 percent of the population against 100 percent of the ups and downs of life but we have tried to pass the law which will give some protection to the average citizen and to his family against the loss of a job and and against poverty ridden old age” (Doc A). People with disabilities also need Social Security and the government. Without Social Security, people who have retired wouldn’t be able to support themselves. For example, my mom needs Social Security to support my family. One bad thing about Social Security was that it excluded poor African Americans, sharecroppers, cash tenants, and domestic servants who lost jobs because of discrimination (Doc B).

The government should have enough control over the citizens to help with unemployment and poverty. Someone could argue that the government should have less power because it put Japanese Americans in internment camps during WWII. This was wrong because the Japanese Americans had caused no trouble for the US government. In conclusion then, the US government should have enough power to help those who need it, but not so much power to mess with citizens who have done nothing wrong.


By Shawn C.

In the book “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks”. There was a certain doctor who treated these prisoners like crap. He injected them with cancerous liquids. In Africa they where treated like crap also. They got things taken from them. They got attacked a lot and they are also not in good health. A lot of them died from malaria since they didn’t have a cure for it.

The doctor could of told the prisoners that they had cancer in the needle that they injected them with. But they didn’t they still injected them anyway. They took things from Africa and didn’t tell them(Doc C). They basically did whatever they wanted to because they can.

What leads people or countries to colonize other people or colonies? If a country tries to colonize another one. That country may want to be in control. They want to expand the country so they have more power over other countries. They would be the “top country”. They will overpower all of the other countries. If a person wants to colonize another person. They would have to take over anything that person stands for.

To what extent are the examples of medical practices in The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks similar to European Imperialism in Africa? In Africa they gave you medicine not knowing what it was and just hoped for the best (Background Essay). Also in Africa everybody thought they were okay. In the book they also told Henrietta how she was okay and told her that they found nothing wrong with her (Page 60). The doctor in the book also stole cells from patients . Just like in Africa how Europeans stole from Africans.


By Latise P.

How much control does the government have in your life? In the 1930s an economic depression hit the world. During this depression there was a  25% unemployment rate. President FDR (Franklin D. Roosevelt) created the “New Deal” and programs like the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority), which provided affordable electricity for people in rural areas and built dams, and Social Security, which took taxes from people’s paychecks and gave the money to people who were retired. The question that I will be answering is how much control should the government have in the lives of its citizens? The government should have some control in the lives of its citizens because although FDR overstepped his authority by creating the TVA, he was right to strike middle ground between Huey Long and the American Liberty League. Additionally, although the government created Social Security to help the elderly, it left out certain citizens, making it less effective.

Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 11.20.41 AM.pngPhoto: Tennessee Valley Authority workers in 1933.

The government should have some some control in the lives of citizens FDR overstepped a line by creating the TVA. The TVA or the Tennessee Valley Authority was a government program that built dams to control flooding and gave people affordable electricity. In a statement made by John D. Battle, the president of a private coal company, he said “The program, as put forward by the government is calculated, in our opinion, to destroy the jobs of a number of these men” (Doc A). Battle is saying that the TVA was putting coal mines out of business and costing people their jobs. Also in John D. Battles statement he said, “There is no disposition on the part of this industry to the electrification of America. We rather feel that there is a need for an extension of electrical current to the rural regions. But we do not feel that it is the function of the Federal government to use taxpayers’ money for the promotion of these projects. We feel that the American Business man is far more capable of visualizing the needs for electrical power and far more capable for designing ways and means by which it may be furnished to prospective customers than is the government itself”. Battle is saying that he is not against giving people affordable electricity. However, the government should not be using taxpayers’ hard earned money to pay for these government projects, and it should be private businesses instead of the government that create electricity in the region. If the money doesn’t go to the government then that money will go to more private businesses. This supports my claim because if people are spending their money on government projects than private businesses will lose money.

The government should have some control in the lives of citizens because FDR was right to strike middle ground between Huey Long and the American Liberty League. After FDR was inaugurated he created the New Deal. the New Deal was very important because it provided a security for life after employment by making retirement funds through Social Security. It also created new jobs and helped the country avoid another great depression.  FDR was often accused of doing too little to help the poor, especially by far-left politicians like Huey Long: “Long created a “Share the Wealth” program. This program set limits to how much money people could earn, it allowed a 100% tax on incomes over $1 million and allowed the government to take and redistribute the the $5 million” (Criticism from Right and Left worksheet). Huey Long wanted to primarily tax the rich and not the poor. Huey Long wanted only the rich to be taxed. On the other side, the right-wing American Liberty League thought that FDR was a traitor for giving too much support for the poor. Instead of picking sides, FDR decided to strike middle ground between Huey Long and the American Liberty League; his New Deal policies reflected that middle ground.

The government should have some control in the lives of citizens because the government created Social Security to help the elderly, it left out certain citizens, making it less effective. Social security was one of the programs created during the New Deal, and it was implemented to give people a secure retirement plan. In a speech FDR gave when he signed the Social Security act he said, “This social security measure gives some protection to 30 million of our citizens who will receive direct benefits through unemployment compensation, through old age pension, and through increased services for the protection of children and the prevention of ill health” (Doc A). FDR is saying that Social Security is a program to help retired people. Of course, because FDR had just signed the Social Security Act when he delivered this speech, he is going to say that it this great program that will help everyone. However, not everyone agreed with FDR. Charles H. Houston, a representative of the NAACP, said: “The point that I am making is that in order for a person to qualify for Social Security, taxes must be paid on behalf of this person before he turns 60. Now, for the benefit of Negroes, I want to ask, who would be left out by the rule?” (Doc B). Social security was created to help everyone but there are certain groups of people that are being left out. Houston said that people with jobs like domestic servants, sharecroppers, and cash tenants would not have that protection that Social security provides.

In conclusion, the government should have some control in the lives of citizens because of the FDR overstepped a line by creating the TVA, FDR was right to strike middle ground between Huey Long and the American Liberty League , and Social Security to help the elderly, it left out certain citizens. If the government has too much control over their citizens then they won’t have any independence to do what they want, but if they have no control at all then it would be total chaos. But there should be a middle ground between citizens and the government. It is important that we talk about topics like this because, this is our government in the country that you live in and you deserve to know what the government is doing. 

One Government, Too Much Control

By Kwali B.

How much control should the government have in the lives of its citizens? The government should have a little bit of control in the lives of its citizens. For example, the government should create jobs for the poor. However, the government should not have so much control that it can cause harm by putting innocent people in internment camps or taxing people for Social Security.

The government should have control over some things but not everything they did help people who needed help for example they helped people during the great depression. The great depression was so serious the government needed to step in and help people who don’t have jobs.They created roads and buildings so that poor people can work and so that it could be easy for poor people to find jobs and make money.

However the government should not be too big. When they have control they take advantage of that power. The government puts Japanese Americans in camps. The government wants to take control over these Japanese children. The government has too much power over people, The government should not have that much control over people.

The government has social security and I think social security has a negative effect on the wold. Social security was bad because the government helps old people by taking money out of young peoples paychecks. It was not helping young people at all that is why I think social security should not continue. It was a bad idea and the government should not have so much control over the world.

Some people might argue that the government should have control over everything. Because some people think that the government should have all the power and i think that the government has so much power and some of the thing they are doing is not fair, they should help people but they should also help people at all times but not take over most of the time.

Helping the Poor Out

By Mikya W.

Do you believe the government should have a great deal of control in the lives of its citizens?  

FDR created Social Security to help support Americans. 67 is the age you can retire and get social security. Huey Long stated “A Law that will take care of human needs and at the same time provide the u’s a sound economic structure. This social security measures gives some protection to 30 million of our citizens who will receive direct benefits through unemployment compensation”. To know you’re financially stable after you retire is a good feeling.

Huey Long taxed the rich to support the poor; which he created “share the wealth” program. His tagline “every man a king” gained him considerable support among the lower, middle class who resented American’s dramatic wealth disparity. Huey Long argued that FDR didn’t do enough to help the poor and he was trying to control businesses. When Huey Long taxed the rich, he was basically giving back to the poor.

The Government helped citizens by creating the TVA. Energy became cheaper and 9000 jobs became available and they had dams to control floods. TVA helped farms develop new, better farming strategies. TVA was a necessary intervention and it helped a lot of people out in the Tennessee Valley Region. (Houses are going up for them to live in-better houses than they have ever5 had in their lives before)

The Government should have a great deal of control in the lives of its citizens.

The rich might have a problem with the government because they don’t want to give up their money; this is going to affect a lot of people in the future including kids, once again poor is the word for us … What I mean by this is that people will always know us for being poor.

The Government should have control in the lives of its people because a lot of American depends on the government and we need the Government to help us. Taxing the rich was a good looking out, giving back to the poor.

Imperialism Through the Ages

By Trenton W.

The main time of the colonialism of Africa was between 1860 and 1920. Imperialism is a policy of extending a country’s power and influence through diplomacy or military force, in the case of Africa it was all through militaristic might. The driving force of European Imperialism in Africa was nationalism which manifested itself as competition between European nations, cultural superiority known as the white man’s burden and a desire to increase a nation’s resources through trade. This desire to further a goal through taking from Africans is a stark comparison for how the scientists at Johns’ Hopkins stole Henrietta Lacks’ cells by tricking her in order to further their own medical research instead of actually caring for her.

Nationalism in European countries was one of the leading causes of imperialism Africa you could say the doctors of Johns’ Hopkins had a similar feelings towards their work viewing it to be more important than another human beings life, just because that human is a black woman.

The white man’s burden could also be used as an example for the doctors viewing their work on Henrietta as a burden because she is black and she isn’t even worth their time if she did not have her unique immortal cells.

Many people would Argue that white Europeans are a cancer itself on Africa like the cancer that manifested in Henrietta’s cervix, and like a cancer the white Europeans took resources from Africa and slowly hurt the continent as if it was a living being. I personally like to symbolize Henrietta as Africa, strong and independent as she was and Johns’ Hopkins and it’s doctors as Europe and its colonizers how they had the potential to help but instead damaged Africa/Henrietta in pursuit of their own selfish desires.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 5.22.29 PM.png

A political cartoon named “Gold Diggers” by Polyp.org.uk which displays Africa as drained of resources to benefit Europe and North America.


By Darrian S.

Imperialism is the same as invasion of someone’s privacy. The story of Henrietta Lacks is similar to imperialism because the connection between the European imperialism in Africa and the Henrietta lacks story is that both African and Henrietta were both being used by high authority. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Henrietta Lacks, was an African- American raised by her grandfather with a lot of her cousins. , who got her cells taken from her illegally without her knowing. They named it “HeLa cells’ because they had no reason why the cells couldn’t die. The cells worth billions of dollars and also save lots of lives at that time.

The definition of imperialism is the practice of a larger country or government growing stronger by taking over poorer or weaker countries that have important resources.

Doctors took her cells without asking.” The inside flap continues, “Henrietta’s family did not learn of her ‘immortality’ until more than 20 years after her death, when scientists investigating HeLa began using her husband and children in research without informed consent. And though the cells had launched a multimillion-dollar industry that sells human biological materials, her family never saw any of the profits. Cells removed from her body-without her family’s permission. At the same time Gey found that her tumor cells were actually dividing and growing in his laboratory, a first for science. He began sending samples around the world and ordered his 21-year-old assistant, Mary Kubicek, to take more cells from Henrietta while her body lay in the hospital’s autopsy room.

When European took over and colonizes Africa, it become like it’s there because no one can tell them what to do. They are in charge of everything they colonized.

European imperialism in Africa connects to the Henrietta lacks situation because European countries colonized Africa. The reason for that was Africa had some of the things European countries wanted so that why they decided to colonize the Africa. Africa’s development makes it easier for European countries to control part of it because European can do what they feel like and there’s no one to tell them anything. And the problem with Henrietta lacks case was the doctors just take the cells without her knowing because it was an independent ward which she didn’t know what the doctors were doing. All she was worried about is to get better and hoping for the doctor to not stop her from having kids.


By Marcus L.

The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks and European Imperialism can relate to each other in many ways.  The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks is a book made to give light to a much unknown person and to show how important she is. European imperialism is a thing when Europe wanted to imperialize Africa for various reasons. Both of these concepts could be related in a way where they are not that different.

Imperialism and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks are very similar in the fact how they both rely on the Manipulation on colored people. Both the doctors and European colonizers wanted something from colored people. The doctors wanted the cells from Henrietta lacks and the colonizers wanted the African tribes land. The Doctors manipulated Henrietta Lacks to believe she was safe being in the hospital but they were just using her as a study toy for her immortal cells. The doctors were just trying to take her RESOURCES which were her immortal cells. The European Colonizers were people trying to take land from African tribes, some took it by force while other barged in and out right killed them. When the European colonizers asked for the land, they promised them good things, however after some time some of the chiefs realized that nothing good was coming to them and they just basically took their land for free. Both Henrietta Lacks and the African Tribe people couldn’t do anything about this because they basically had no power in this situation. Henrietta Lacks attempted to not go to the hospital because she didn’t want them to take away her organs that allowed her to make babies. The African Tribes could do something by fighting back but it would have been a lost cause because The Europeans were much more advanced than them and I believed they knew that too. Both of them were simply helpless even if they knew what was going on or not.


By Marquest G.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 3.19.05 PM.png

Do you think the government should have control over his citizens, If so how much control do you think they should have. In 1930s the great depression took place in the United States and began soon after the stock market crash of October 1929. How much control should the government have over his citizens especially when it comes to their money.The government should have equally amount of control of his citizens For example, the government helped Americans by creating the TVA, Huey long had good ideas for helping the poor, And the great depression was negatively impacting on children.

The government needs to step up because kids’ parents don’t have the money to take care of them. In one of these photographs children were eating at schools because their parents don’t have enough money to take care of them(Photographs Az). During the Great Depression, photographs were taken to document the struggles of poor children. A 13-year old girl wrote a letter to the president’s wife. Eleanor Roosevelt, In 1936 in order to ask for a favor. “I am in the seventh grade but i have to stay out of school because I have no books or clothes to ware”( Letter from a 13-year old girl). Both the photograph and the letter show that young kids struggled through the Great Depression because they lacked necessities like food, books, and clothes In both cases, The government was expected to help, but in different ways-in one case, schools free food to kids and in the other case, Ms Roosevelt was asked for individual help.

The government helped Americans by creating the TVA. The TVA is a federally owned corporation in the United States created by congressional charter on May 18, 1933 to provide navigation, Flood control, electricity generation, and many more. The areas it took place in was most of Tennessee, and six others Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia. TVA built dams for the houses there were being built and need lights and other things. “Mother, I didn’t realize how dark our house was until we got electric lights”.( letter from a young boy just getting lights in his house). This shows how this young boy and his mother was struggling when they had no electric lights and they were reading books under laps, making ice cream in trays. But little by little they upgrading their electricity.

Huey long had good ideas to help the poor people and others in need. Huey long created a “Share the Wealth” program that set limits to how much money people could earn. He was a man that people consider he was on the far left. Long was a board with FDR’s new deal but abandoned later since he believed he did not do enough to eliminate inequality in the United States. “Long helped expand the highway system in Louisiana to minimize rural isolation and he expanded both hospital and educational institutions”. This letter shows that Huey long helped by making programs so people could have a good enough of money, People were being taking care of, and making sure kids had were good to school by upgrading the educational institutions.

The government should have an equally amount of control of his  his citizen For example, The government helped Americans by creating the TVA, Huey long had good good ideas for helping poor people and others in need, And the great depression was a negativity impacting on children. People might disagree or argue because of social security taking a big pieces of money off of your check’s giving to people that can’t work, But when we stop working were going get less money because it’s going less younger people work then there were in there time. But I think the government should have an equally amount of control because it’s not far they taking money out of people check’s that they worked for but it’s also helping people that’s not our age because their bones don’t work like ours so they can’t move as well as us. The government also helped by creating this groups that helping poor people, Making better houses than people ever lived in, People like huey long expand highway system and both hospital and educational institutions, and also Making programs to set limits to how much money people could earn. So that’s why I think the government should have an equally amount of control.

How much control should the government have?

By Deion T.

What do you think the Great Depression did to all the citizens? The Great Depression during the 1930’s caused everyone to go into financial stress or meltdown. The New Deal which is made by FDR to combat the Great Depression.FDR caused many new jobs which led to less stress but still had some negative impacts. How much control(power) should the government have over its citizens? The government should have limited power over its citizens because the TVA made positive changes but caused negative outcomes, and although the government needs to help the poor,and although Social Security went too far in ways such as people thinking that they are stealing money from its citizens.

The TVA made positive changes but also caused negative outcomes, which shows how much control the government should have. The TVA overall had a positive effect on Tennessee because they solved more problems than they caused. They created 9,00 new jobs, reduced flooding, provided electricity, helped develop new farming strategies, made energy cheap, helped relieve poverty and illness. However, they also caused loss of homes and put people working at coal mines out of business.The TVA had caused many positive fixes but at the same time they caused some negative outcomes such as homelessness and unemployment.

The government needs to support the poor and everyone in their time of need. “Schools began to serve multiple purposes and children would often receive much needed food at the school.” “If you have any soiled clothes that you do not want to wear I would be very glad to get them.(A 13 year old girl from Arkansas) People’s lives were at stake because they were struggling to get food, books and clothes for school. This is why the government needs to step in and help their people to survive the crisis. Although the government should intervene in times of anarchy , they shouldn’t  have control at all times.

The government should have limited control because they use Social Security as a way of stealing money from us. “Social Security takes money out of people’s paychecks that they work hard for. Call it what you wish, but it is in my opinion and many people I know, nothing but downright stealing  (Daily Citizen). With Social Security, I agree with the fact about how it’s basically stealing money from people. People use this money for their needs and wants and social security just takes some of that away. Even though you get money back when you are older, you still might need some of the money now for certain needs that you have.

The government should be limited to a certain amount of power because the TVA caused positive/negative impacts on everyone, the government needs to provide for the poor and the use of social security as stealing money. If someone were going against my claim I would say that the government should not have total control over the lives of its citizens because if it did, how would we control our own lives? I’m not stating that they shouldn’t have any control over its citizens but not total control because everyone should be able to choose their own path in life. It is important to consider how much power the government should have over the lives of its citizens because we can know everyone’s perspective of the government and how it should be run and how much control they should have.