By Christina J.


During the Great Depression, many children experienced serious poverty. For example, many migrant farm workers struggled to find consistent work, so they had to keep moving to find work. This affected their children because their children had to keep going to new schools and may not have gone to school at all. One photograph shows children with dirty clothes and no shoes.They look like feel sad (Photograph A1). During the Great Depression people did not have enough to feed their kids.The government gave free meals to the kids. Many children also lacked clothes. One 13-year-old girl wrote a letter to Mrs.Eleanor Roosevelt, FDRs wife explaining how she needed clothes old dresses: “I am in the seventh grade but I had no clothes to wear…I am writing to ask for some of your old, soiled dresses” (Text A). Based on these children’s experiences, I think that the government should have given the parents more money for their children so they could feed them.


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