By Kaliyah R.

In my opinion, Social Security was bad thing. It is a overall bad thing because the government takes money out of hard working Americans checks in order for the elder or disabled to be supplied with money they need and that is also called stealing. It’s stealing because all the hard work and dedication workers put into their jobs in order to make money for the priorities they have are being taken away from the without their consent. In the year of 1937, many Americans disagreed with the Social Security Act and many were more concerned. For example, in the text it states, “I was simply astounded to think that anyone could be nitwit enough to wish to be included in the so called social security act if they could possibly avoid.” (Doc C), this means and shows that Americans did not want to be included in the Social Security Act and was very angered because people wanted to be apart of an organization that took money that many Americans worked so hard for. In the text, it also states, “Personally, I had my savings invested so that I would have enough money for old age. Now thanks to the President, I cannot be sure of anything, being a stockholder.” (Doc C), this shows that the money Americans were able to save up for old age, will be either be taken in order to go towards Social Security checks or they will lose all the money it took so long for them to get. This is not acceptable because it’s no guarantee that the people will be eligible for a chance to be able to get money from the government and also now they will be depending on the government in order to take care of their basic needs.

Another reason for why Social Security is an overall bad thing because African American sharecroppers, cash tenants, and domestic servants would not be included for a Social Security check and that’s not fair. It’s not fair because there were more Africans Americans that did “under the table work” because many people didn’t hire people of colored so, African Americans did not have no choice to grow their own crops and sell them for money. For example, “We all know that the Negro cash farm tenant are at the bottom of the economic scale. He is not employed. There is no relation of master and servant by which he gets wages on which a tax could be collected. Therefore this population is left out from the old-age annuity, and that represents approximately 490,000 Negroes.” this shows that in the 1900s, being a  sharecropping, domestic worker, or cash tenant was not considered a job because the government or a business was not paying them. So they was considered “unemployed” so many African Americans were left out the equation.

Overall, life for the African Americans, the elderly, and young workers was very hard. This is why overall, Social Security is a overall bad thing.


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