By Juanima V. 

One important thing that was at stake during the Great Depression was African Americans’ life and survival needs. In my opinion this was the most important thing at stake because source C2 talks about how very little black women were getting paid, even when they worked 24/7 they still were getting paid less than what one meal cost today. When they began to lose their jobs it made things worse because that drove them into being homeless. I think the government should have intervened to help the African Americans because there’s no way that nice sophisticated strong Black People aren’t able to get decent paying jobs. They should have not been getting paid so little that black women went into starvation wages. I also believe the government should have intervened because during the protest not only was it about jobs For African American but also about children and their hard lives in (photo C1) shows you in fact all the poster and sayings that people had on the few situations that weren’t very fair during The Great Depression.


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