By Marquest G.

Overall Social Security is a bad thing because it’s taking lots of money out of people’s checks that they worked hard for. In 1937 an anonymous woman wrote a letter saying pensions are better because you’re working for your own money. She is rich and not the type to work hands-on. She thinks Social Security is nothing but “down right stealing” (Doc C). This anonymous rich woman voted against FDR because she thought pensions would be better than social security: “I had my savings invested so that i would have enough money for old age. Now, thanks to the president, I can’t be sure of anything, being a stockholder” (Doc C). I agree with her because, with pensions, you work for your own money whereas Social Security cheats you out of your paycheck. This is true because now there are less young people in our society than there were in the 1930s, so there will be less money for our Social Security checks when we retire.


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