By Michael L.

One of the main responsibilities of a responsible government is to provide assistance for its citizens especially in times of need. President Franklin Roosevelt’s government provided help for the needy during the Great Depression.This was called the “New Deal” The government should have control over its citizens in order to provide services for the poor and protection for the children.

Government should provide services for its citizen including health care, drinking water, education etc. During the Great Depression FDR focussed on the suffering of the poor. This suffering was most severe among poor whites and people of color. The president and First Lady received many letters from poor citizens highlighting their poor living conditions. One example of the difficulty that young people were experiencing was a letter sent by a 7th grade girl from Gravette, Ark. to Mrs. Roosevelt begging for used clothes.

FDR hoped to make America better by making a law to make Social Security that would help older people. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s speech on the signing of the Social Security Act in 1935 noted that “Social Security measure gives some protection to 30 million of our citizens who will receive benefits through unemployment compensation, old-age pensions, increase services for the protection of children and the  of ill health” (Document A). Social Security gave money to older people to help them by taxing the younger people.

During the period of the Great Depression, FDR presented the”New Deal” to help poor and needy citizens. This program showed how responsible government can be helpful to its people in times of need.The government led by FDR saved the country from total disaster during the Great Depression.


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