By Mason H.

Immortal life of Henrietta lacks has little to no signs of imperialism but has some to which could be used in sinister ways. Such as the doctor which used cells to keep a chicken alive to show it could help the country get better if they keep getting cells from the family (page fifty). That being said the country will benefit from being able to live longer as a whole to invade others or just become stronger saying the weak could live. The cells could be used to keep enemies of the state alive while being tortured to keep draining information about the country they’re with and whom they’re working for.

The Tuskegee studies which was injecting people with syphilis was mentioned and deemed wrong on page five when they were explaining Henrietta’s situation. The studies are imperialistic due to the fact it could be used in a way to influence biological warfare through injecting or dousing whole areas in general with it. Testing out how it works on our own people is just a stepping stone to treat it or could be used for worse.


8 thoughts on “Imperialism Conspiracy

  1. Hey Masons
    I like the way your papers formatted and sited page numbers. You could use more examples, qoutes, chapters and, page numbers to bring out more examples from Henrietta Lacks.

    In this post I do like the overall content presented about Henrietta but you could incorporate the meaning of European Imperialism to connect back with the main story. Good work mason just work harder and add more.


  2. I like your arguement but to make your paper stronger more evidence and examples if your only going to go about it from 1-2 claims .


  3. I liked how you went in a different direction then everyone else .
    I like how you thought outside the box when talking about Henrietta’s case


  4. The connection with the chicken living longer and you saying how a country can get stringer by living longer is a great connection between the two.

    When you say syphilis is a imperialistic act was good. I like how you explained it.


  5. I like how you argued with the fact that The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks has no sign of imperialism but how you explained the Tuskegee study was a form of imperialism.


  6. Mention imperialism in Africa and explain it a little bit and do the same with Henrietta. Expand on the connection, your current connections are fairly cynical and the connections run pretty deep. Make a more general connection and build from there.


  7. I like the connection when comparing them and how it relates to “Biological Warfare”. And use the reference of “stepping stones” to make things get worse. Also you referenced multiple pages in the book.


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