By Dorian W.

What lead people to colonize other countries? Many things like, being scared, lack of resources or greed and nationalism. For Europeans with their love for their country and already having resources you can say they did it because of greed and nationalism. In John Ruskin’s lecture he said, “Seizing every piece of fruitful waste ground she can set her foot on, and there teaching colonist… That their first aim is to be to advance the power of England by land and by sea.” This quote bluntly tells of a person or country who wants to take over other countries for resources. That’s not all – in Fredrich Fabri’s book the imperialistic mindset is influenced by others, “It would be wise if we Germans would learn about colonial skills from our Anglo-saxon cousins.” This even furthers the imperialistic mind set in Europe as the ideas spread from Spain, Germany and other European countries took a slot on Africa. The places are shown on Africa’s imperialistic map (Doc A).

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 9.22.46 PM.png

This picture describes the European imperialism in Africa and how every European country wanted a piece of it.

200 years later we see the imperialistic mindset show up in the European ancestors in America and take a different form in The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks. In this book blacks were basically treated as lab rats unknowingly in the hospital of John Hopkins. Henrietta became an important case and her cells caused a medical brake through in the medical field. Now in the book their are practices of imperialism but it takes a different form, for instance, in Chapter 3 a white doctor named George Gey, was the one who stole Lacks’ cells without her consent but this mindset was a common practice in the medical field at the time. This is just like the Europeans physically taking the Africans without the Africans consent. See the connection ? Here is another example from the book, Chapter 6, 9, 10 shows Rebecca Skloot (The author) making attempts to uncover this mystery if it was not for her their imperialistic nature would’ve never been revealed to the public. The mindset for imperialism hasn’t changed much except for its form its presented in.


2 thoughts on “Imperialism

  1. This is a good blog. However I suggest that you change your flow of writing. I would expand on your quote that you got from the book talking about grey taking Henrietta’s cells and I would then compare it to the imperialist. I also see a separation in paragraphs, and when I say that I mean this. You first talk about the imperialist in the 19th century and you used evidence to support that which is fine. And then you went into Henrietta’s case. I think that you should combine them together so that it could better the connection and so that your connection would be more clear to the audience.


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