By Camille P.B.

What leads people or countries to imperialize other people or countries is that they see something that is worth a lot of money or useful to them. For example the Europeans imperialized Africa because Africa had profitable natural resources and technology that the Europeans did not have. Also in the story “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” John Hopkins took her cells from her without permission and made hundreds of other cells known as “HeLa Cells” because they are immortal-they never die. Henrietta’s cells were useful to the doctors who worked in the hospital but, they put her through torturous radiation treatments and numerous tests while they withheld important information from her ie. taking her cells and cloning them without her permission. It says in the book that “doctors were doing research on black people, lying to them, and watching them die. Rumors started circulating that the doctors had actually injected the men with syphilis in order to study them” (page 50). What it says in the quote is that the doctors had an alternative motive which is why they lied to them. The doctors wanted to better their practice so they were using the black people without them really knowing what was happening. The connection between the European Imperialism of Africa and the Henrietta Lacks story is that both Africa and Henrietta were both being used by high authority or a person with power for what they had, whether it was natural resources or cells.


2 thoughts on “The Connection between Henrietta Lacks and European Imperialism

  1. I think it’s interesting how you have example but not an argument to go against what you where saying but all the examples and thoughts together makes complete sense.


  2. Hey Camille
    I like how you incorporate the Tuskegee syphlis study into your post. I agree that European Imperialism is directly linked to Henrietta lacks. But in order to make that connection you should describe about European Imperialism and incorporate more documents relating to the European topic.


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