By Shawn C.

In the book “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks,” there was a certain doctor who treated these prisoners like crap. He injected them with cancerous liquids. In Africa they where treated like crap also. They got things taken from them. They got attacked a lot and they are also not in good health. A lot of them died from malaria since they didn’t have a cure for it. The doctor could of told the prisoners that they had cancer in the needle that they injected them with. But they didn’t they still injected them anyway. They took things from Africa and didn’t tell them (Doc C). They basically did whatever they wanted to because they can.

What leads people or countries to colonize other people or colonies? If a country tries to colonize another one, that country may want to be in control. They want to expand the country so they have more power over other countries. They would be the “top country.” They will overpower all of the other countries. If a person wants to colonize another person. They would have to take over anything that person stands for.

To what extent are the examples of medical practices in The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks similar to European Imperialism in Africa? In Africa they gave you medicine not knowing what it was and just hoped for the best (Background Essay). Also in Africa everybody thought they were okay. In the book they also told Henrietta how she was okay and told her that they found nothing wrong with her (Page 60). The doctor in the book also stole cells from patients, just like in Africa how Europeans stole from Africans.


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