By Knicoal C.

What leads people to colonize other countries? There are different things that can lead to colonization just as new technology; they had created a steam engine to travel back and forth to import and export. Some countries have things the other country may not have. They also have medications, guns. In Europeans they have a malaria disease and needed treatments to treat the people, some people died from the disease (document C). And need guns for war and to either beat a war. In the book Henrietta Lacks in the Tuskegee study they had injected black patients with syphilis and had watch them die slowly.

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This seems similar because in (document F) the Europeans had made Africans go to places they didn’t want to go, they had to do what the white man said but the white man still had to treat them and feed them, they had to bid the sickness cease. This also describes racism in Henrietta’s time, the black patients were treated like slaves, Henrietta had to travel miles to John Hopkins Hospital for a doctor to see Henrietta. In Henrietta Lacks Southam had took a needle and injected it into a woman that had cancer that had HELA cells in it, it had swollen the woman arm it and she didn’t even know what was going on. In Europeans people were treated exactly like Henrietta’s time, blacks were treated differently than whites. When whites found out about HELA cells they ignored her because she was black, the whites said blacks blood were contaminated, they didn’t even want to hear about it(pg.197). Also in the Europeans African Colony they gathered cotton, gum, rubber, coal, gold, and fabrics, coins etc. the Europeans needed a lot of things for the country so they can feel stronger and advanced than other countries. The white man was like the rich one, they wanted to feel better then the blacks while the blacks had to struggle and work. In the book of Henrietta Lacks whites watch the blacks suffer, having hard times to find food while the white people had nothing to worry about. When doctors had exported and imported HELA cells across the world for people to test them and/or buy them. In the Europeans they had imported and exported goods, products and things from other countries which are the same as Henrietta’s life.

Throughout the life of Henrietta and the imperialism with the Europeans there timing was the same 1800s and 1900s. There both was racism involved, white people wanted to stand out. They treated the black patients like trash but wanted them to work like treated black patients as if they were pets to treat on and discover new things especially with HELA cells. Which all of this demonstrates medical practices in there lifetime.


One thought on “The Immortal Life of Imperialism

  1. I like the way the way you went about explaing the process of the diseases and death but when going about that don’t stray to far from your main topic with to many details.


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