By Allahya R.

Should the government help poor people? During the Great Depression, many people were poor – they didn’t have money, jobs, or food. President FDR helped poor people by making jobs. It was important for the government to take more control in order to help people. It was good for the government to have lots of control in the lives of its citizens because the government needed to help poor people.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 6.03.03 AM.png

The government helped children during the Great Depression. Young African American children needed to get food at a feeding program at Butler County Emergency School (Photograph A2). Other children of poor farmers were dirty and didn’t have nice clothes (Photograph A1). During the Great Depression a thirteen year old girl from Arkansas wrote a letter to Mrs. Roosevelt asking her to send her some old dresses (Text A).


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  1. I like how u explain about the fdr and the great depression. I like how u explain why the government should help the poor and needy.


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