By Candice F.

The government is at its best to push America forward with the changes they are making. The Great Depression went from 1929 to 1939,  was the deepest economic downturn in the history because deflation and inflation occurred and workers lost money and there jobs.The New Deal was to improve conditions for people thats suffering in the Great Depression.The New Deal  promised the American people with how much control should the government have in the lives of its citizens.The government should have a lot of control because it plays a positive role in a lot of Americans’ lives by providing Social Security, helping minorities, and giving food and stuff to the poor.

Social security plays a big positive role in American citizens’ lives. FDR delivered a speech after signing the Social Security act: “Social Security measures give some protection to 30 million of our citizens who will receive direct benefits through unemployment compensation,Through old age pensions, and through increased service for the protection of children and prevention of ill health” (Doc A). Social Security play a big role because the government take money from the young people to give it to the older people for their direct benefits. Although FDR is positive about Social Security, a lot of people criticized it because some people weren’t included like the people that work underneath the table. According to Mr. Houston of the NAACP, “The point that I am making is that in order for a person to qualify for Social Security, taxes must be paid on behalf of this person before he turns 60”  like Negro sharecroppers, cash tenants, unemployment and domestic servants because racism was going on” (Doc B). Overall Social Security was a good thing because you still will get the money that you gave.

The government help the minority citizens. During WWII it was the time that the Indians lived in a non-Indian world, their average income triple during the war. A majority of Indians were forced back to reservations. The lawmakers demanded that Indians be taken off the back of taxpayers and “Freed from reservations” and for them to make a living on their own. The government helped by managing the Indians and their affairs. The government had failed its responsibility. Native American’s reservations are the poorest community in the U.S. This is how the government keeps Native Americans in poverty.

The government played a big positive role by giving poor kids food and schools.“ (Source: PHOTOGRAPH A1)” “During the Great Depression schools began to serve multiple purpose, and children would often receive much needed food at the school” (Source: PHOTOGRAPH A2). A quote from Miss L.H: “I am in the seventh grade but I have to stay out of school because I have no books or clothes to wear” (Source :Text A ; L.H. a Thirteen year old girl from Ankansas). The government gave the kids clothes and books so they could go to school and the government gave the poor kids food, the government could have done more to help the kids like provide more food, give them more clothes, extra books and comfortable places to sleep.

The government play a positive role in a lot of citizens life, like Social Security, helping the minorities, and giving poor kids food and clothes and books. Someone might say that Social Security is a bad thing because they getting there money took by the government to goto the older people, but it’s really going towards a good cause. When you get older you will receive the money too. The government should have a lot of control in the lives of its citizens because the Americans Jews and etc was going through a lot and with the help of the government it would make it better.


3 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Candice, I like how you showed both sides of the argument on the issue of Social Security. Showing both sides of the issue helps a reader to understand each and choose their side. I like how you clarified that you think Social Security is a good idea.

    I also like how you described what the government was doing for poor children. Your evidence was strong and showed how terrible the situations they were in were. Since we are all in school, we have more empathy for the kids that can’t go to school and therefore get a good job.


  2. I like how you sited your evidence in each paragraph I also like how you included how social security taxes must be paid on behalf of a person before he turns 60.Also I agree with the fact that Indians were living in non Indian places during World War II.


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