By Mikya W.

Do you believe the government should have a great deal of control in the lives of its citizens?  

FDR created Social Security to help support Americans. 67 is the age you can retire and get social security. Huey Long stated “A Law that will take care of human needs and at the same time provide the u’s a sound economic structure. This social security measures gives some protection to 30 million of our citizens who will receive direct benefits through unemployment compensation”. To know you’re financially stable after you retire is a good feeling.

Huey Long taxed the rich to support the poor; which he created “share the wealth” program. His tagline “every man a king” gained him considerable support among the lower, middle class who resented American’s dramatic wealth disparity. Huey Long argued that FDR didn’t do enough to help the poor and he was trying to control businesses. When Huey Long taxed the rich, he was basically giving back to the poor.

The Government helped citizens by creating the TVA. Energy became cheaper and 9000 jobs became available and they had dams to control floods. TVA helped farms develop new, better farming strategies. TVA was a necessary intervention and it helped a lot of people out in the Tennessee Valley Region. (Houses are going up for them to live in-better houses than they have ever5 had in their lives before)

The Government should have a great deal of control in the lives of its citizens.

The rich might have a problem with the government because they don’t want to give up their money; this is going to affect a lot of people in the future including kids, once again poor is the word for us … What I mean by this is that people will always know us for being poor.

The Government should have control in the lives of its people because a lot of American depends on the government and we need the Government to help us. Taxing the rich was a good looking out, giving back to the poor.


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