By Walter N.

Nationalism is a love for your country so intense that no one or no lace could compare to its greatness. Nationalism is a natural driving force for Imperialism, which is the conquering of other countries and colonies for the power and respect. Imperialism makes you blind to other cultures, and the ways of the people but your own. By culture it could mean music, art, or even a race. Henrietta Lacks was a victim to the influence of imperialism of others, because white people wanted to conquer the colored people for intimidation with gruesome intentions with them. In a metaphorical sense, the whites wanted to imperialize the colored people to have them under their own power.

As Britain colonized Africa they would take resources and not care about the native people.Their resources were of value to them such as copper, zinc, lead, gold, and especially diamonds. (doc.D) to take their resources it would have made it much easier for them to conquer the land at once from whom it originally belonged too, only if it were to of value of them. As in Henrietta Lacks, were just as ignorant with taking possessions as in times before. For example when Henrietta goes to the hospital for her diagnosis, the best doctors of Johns Hopkins were predominantly white with the same mindset of opportunist. They would take her immortal cells without her consent and her knowledge, which in comparison could be like the colonies of ancient times.

This idea of imperialism reaches even farther than Henrietta’s scenario. There was once an activity to whites called the “Tuskegee syphilis Act.”They would diagnose black people with the STD Syphilis to record the behavior of the disease and a cure to it. This Act is most gruesome related to imperialism because it shows that they did not care about colored people or how they would continue with their lives. Unless the whites benefit from it for themselves they didn’t care or wanted no part in what were to happen, selfish with it. Which in a proportional scale would be the same as Britain imperialized African countries.

So if you compare both they would be the same actions with the same intentions. The Britain empire wanted to oppress the African countries for everything they could get out of them. This mentality was passed through colonization and through generations, as the whites of America would do the same to oppress the colored people of America. Just how the white doctors and white researchers would do to Henrietta Lacks and more colored people of this time. Although all the attempts to put down, stop, or to oppress the colored people throughout the generations, we all stood strong being able to overcome it all and still spread the knowledge of ancestors who made history for us in our own lane.


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