By Lagina P.

The government should have control over it’s citizens but not as much as they want. People should still have the choice to make their own decisions. How much control should the government have? The government should have some control over citizens because it needs to be able to help people through things like Social Security and taxes, but it shouldn’t have so much control that it can imprison people unfairly, as it did during WWII, when it placed Japanese Americans in internment camps.

The government should have some control over citizens because it helps people who are elderly, disabled, and unemployed.”This social security measure gives some protection to 30 million of our citizens who will receive direct benefits through unemployment” President Roosevelt signs Social Security Act, August 14, 1935.The Act was an attempt to limit what were seen as dangers in the modern American life, including old age, poverty, unemployment, and the burdens of widows and fatherless children and elderly. They were facing serious problems they country was dying because trade had declined to dangerously low levels, prices for basic goods were destroying the value of its assets of national institution such as banks, savings banks, insurance companies, and others. The Act provided benefits to disabled workers, spouses and young children of deceased or disabled workers, and the unemployed, the act also gave money to states to provide assistance to aged blind, and disabled people without regard to prior workforce participation.The original Social Security Act retirement benefits for only the retired workers, who became eligible at age 65.

They should be involved with our lives because they have enough power and influence to do so. The protection in homeland and national security the government’s army provides for us. Without the government being in our lives, laws and regulations there would be no rules, reckless human beings would rule the world and idiots would not go to jail for doing reckless things. Without the government the whole state would be more of a mess than it already is. Like for an example Huey Long says they should give poor people money by taxing the rich but not all the money from the rich. the government should only take care of their business and stay away from other people’s lives, let people do what they want but get in control if someone does something wrong or bad.

The government should have some type of control but not that much over people because of  what they did to the Japanese citizens was horrible by putting them in internment camps. Color seems to be the only possible reason why thousands of American citizens of Japanese ancestry are in concentration camps. People was at fear that the Japanese would attack the West Coast, some who lived in the US while may not have ever been to Japan would help them becoming an enemy. They took them out of their homes, their belongings were lost or trashed, they lost their vehicles, their businesses. They were there for years in areas that were horrible and never received proper restitution for what they went through.One of the main reasons that Japanese-Americans were put into the camps was for their own protection. People were so upset about Pearl Harbor that they were likely to attack or harass Japanese-Americans living in their towns.

How much control should the government have over the lives of it’s citizens? I think that the government should have enough control over the citizens to make the world a secure place, but the people should have privacy and still be able to make their own decisions over their own lives. Why should the government have no control? They shouldn’t have no control because It is not in the government power to say how we should live our lives. Anyone that commits a crime already has given up their right to any privacy. Why is it important to consider this topic? Because people should want to know how much control the government should have or not have in the lives of it’s citizens in American.


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