By Mason H.

The balance of power to control the land. In the 1930 the great depression had ravaged the land which made all of the civilians poor, lose jobs, and just like the word depression; sad. This was then kinda helped by FDR with the “New Deal” which created jobs for those suffers to help end this travesty. Later in the 1930s the New Deal began to help but the second world war started in 1939 which also depressed many people including every single person in every single country that was fighting, in world war two. The government shouldn’t have that much power to ruin every single person’s year but then sprinkle some skittles on it as an apology, doesn’t fix the problem, problem is still there but now you have some candy.

Now the Great Depression made workers sacrifice what they had worked for so hard to just get by, example being selling a boat to pay for house payments. In this case that did happen to the average Joe during that time period as documented in source TB (I loss the source name but it’s the one with the stock market crash of 1929 on the back and the 3 questions on the front which explains how they introduced the payment plan.) “It’s either a home or a car”. That is giving what he had worked for, for shelter which is a fair trade off but that hinders how he would get to work and cuts out possibilities of working at far distances. A sad time is where you could see your best pals sad and in lines for relief in the public as shown and explained in source B2 “groups set up bread lines and other forms of relief for those unemployed”. Now the Great Depression isn’t the government’s fault but to see the economy drop down so much but to keep taxes where they stand in times of trouble and not making double (please get that reference), that’s just not right.

Now old Japanese holding camps that was a way to hold all Japanese people in account while the world war was happening so there could be no sabotaging of mass proportions. (I lost the name of the video you gave us that spoke about this subject) As in the video the Japanese went willingly but had sign off their businesses, their homes, and everything while this went on just because of a little panic swirling the nation. Now they did have help to manage everything accordingly by the government to help the transition. Though it was still forced upon them to go. The camps were regulated by soldiers at the time to make sure no escapes happened. This was an act of defense since they count in fact sabotage airports, ports, large populated areas, and military bases by bombing them or setting them or fire (as stated on the video).

The New Deal was in fact a saving grace of the American economy signed by FDR which maybe could have been the best idea of his time. FDR made this to help the lower class get on their feet after the Great Depression had been going for three years. The New Deal was made and signed in 1933 “swiftly to try and stabilize the economy and provide jobs and relief to those who were suffering.” as stated on google. The New was indeed working as it should have but the, you know, world war had happened which halted the economic growth of America, acting basically as a more panic-y great depression. The New Deal was the skittles that were thrown down as an apology by the government.

The government shouldn’t have as much power as it does to do all of these things that could be fixed easily. The Great depression which could been fixed with a decent bit of tax reduction, World War 2 which could have been ended easily with very unfriendly carpet bombing with no mercy, and The New deal wasn’t actually a problem at all. The tax reduction would hurt government workers but even so the reduction wouldn’t have lasted that long in businesses began to thrive again and could hire back all the workers to manufacture their goods to sell and be bought. The bombing of World War 2 which would have been no mercy shows lack of humanitarianism which have just been better for the US as a whole, we wouldn’t have lost many of our own and if did swiftly and a lot, we could have had our own American Empire. The importance of the country’s history is priceless, due to all of the greatness bestowed to our country by all of the wonderful engenius people of their time are awesome stories to be handed down through centuries.


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