By Deion T.

What do you think the Great Depression did to all the citizens? The Great Depression during the 1930’s caused everyone to go into financial stress or meltdown. The New Deal which is made by FDR to combat the Great Depression.FDR caused many new jobs which led to less stress but still had some negative impacts. How much control(power) should the government have over its citizens? The government should have limited power over its citizens because the TVA made positive changes but caused negative outcomes, and although the government needs to help the poor,and although Social Security went too far in ways such as people thinking that they are stealing money from its citizens.

The TVA made positive changes but also caused negative outcomes, which shows how much control the government should have. The TVA overall had a positive effect on Tennessee because they solved more problems than they caused. They created 9,00 new jobs, reduced flooding, provided electricity, helped develop new farming strategies, made energy cheap, helped relieve poverty and illness. However, they also caused loss of homes and put people working at coal mines out of business.The TVA had caused many positive fixes but at the same time they caused some negative outcomes such as homelessness and unemployment.

The government needs to support the poor and everyone in their time of need. “Schools began to serve multiple purposes and children would often receive much needed food at the school.” “If you have any soiled clothes that you do not want to wear I would be very glad to get them.(A 13 year old girl from Arkansas) People’s lives were at stake because they were struggling to get food, books and clothes for school. This is why the government needs to step in and help their people to survive the crisis. Although the government should intervene in times of anarchy , they shouldn’t  have control at all times.

The government should have limited control because they use Social Security as a way of stealing money from us. “Social Security takes money out of people’s paychecks that they work hard for. Call it what you wish, but it is in my opinion and many people I know, nothing but downright stealing  (Daily Citizen). With Social Security, I agree with the fact about how it’s basically stealing money from people. People use this money for their needs and wants and social security just takes some of that away. Even though you get money back when you are older, you still might need some of the money now for certain needs that you have.

The government should be limited to a certain amount of power because the TVA caused positive/negative impacts on everyone, the government needs to provide for the poor and the use of social security as stealing money. If someone were going against my claim I would say that the government should not have total control over the lives of its citizens because if it did, how would we control our own lives? I’m not stating that they shouldn’t have any control over its citizens but not total control because everyone should be able to choose their own path in life. It is important to consider how much power the government should have over the lives of its citizens because we can know everyone’s perspective of the government and how it should be run and how much control they should have.


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