By Sha’yira R.

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Would you want to know why the government should have control over  citizens” lives? During The Great Depression, took place in the 1930’s, How much control should the government have in the lives of it’s citizens? The government should have whole bunch of control in the lives of citizens because the government needs to be able to regulate handguns, protect senior citizens, and protect the poor.

If the government had more control, it could regulate handguns, ”Many of us believe it is a travesty that while they can’t get on a plane, they can walk into a gun store and walk out with legally purchased weapons”. I don’t think it’s right that people can walk out of a gun store and have legal rights of a weapons because it shouldn’t be legal to purchase a weapon.14 people were murdered in a shooting rampage in San Bernardino and less than a week after a gunman killed three at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs that happened two days before the  Republican presidential hopeful made those comments about the guns.

The US government should help the needy Americans the should have a whole bunch control in the lives of needy people. Poor citizens of their community because it is their responsibility to do so. Government aid to people who live below the poverty line, not just hand-outs, would be a catalyst to jump-start the economy. When poor people are given a real chance at earning a brighter financial future they will have more money to spend to stimulate the economy as well as take care of themselves.

The government should have whole bunch control in the lives of citizens. Some people would argue against that because they would think guns are not bad and shouldn’t be regulated because people use handguns for self-defense. Others might say that the government shouldn’t give people money when they retire because they think some people can save money on their own for when they retire. Still others might say that needy Americans don’t need help and that they can get themselves back together without the government’s money or help. My position is more accurate and better supported because if you ban handguns there wouldn’t be all these bodies dropping and all these people losing their loved ones cause most of these people are just using the word “self- defense” as an excuse. Additionally having Social Security can help a lot of people who retire because they maybe don’t have a lot of money to pay bills or for other things so they would need the money for when they retire The government should help needy Americans because needy Americans are not getting a lot of money to take care of their families.In conclusion then, I think the government should have a whole bunch control over regulating handguns, supporting citizens through Social Security , and helping needy Americans.

It’s still important today because they still justify some public health related legislation for regulate handguns. In 1930 the social-insurance plan the primary purpose was to pay benefits, the 1940 the social security tax rate that had been scheduled to increases that important today because people getting more money in their benefits and their tax rate is increasing. In 1930 the relatively started a small-scale that they called “ Food Stamps” that hold important today because it’s still helping needy people to this day . In 1940 they had more than its fair share of federal relief funds to dispense to the needy that’s still a little important to this day because them doing that is still helping some needy people today by given them the things they need today like a place to sleep and food to eat that’s why the made some of the places they have now.


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