By Lachell W.

What lead people to colonize other countries? Things like lack of resources. Imperialism is the desire to make your country better by taking over other countries. European Imperialism in Africa is similar to the medical practices in The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks because Europeans and Henrietta were both getting something done to them that they had no idea or say in. Henrietta’s cells were being used and she had no idea because she couldn’t read so the scientists signed the forms without her consent. In Europe, they decided to take over different parts of Africa by deciding who takes which parts, and none of the others really have a say in what gets chosen.

Doctors and Europeans fall into the the name ‘Imperialist’ by not informing their patients, or the rest of their country about the things that are happening around them and not letting them have a say in any decisions being made.


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