By Jade Y.

Countries colonize other less fortunate countries for free labor, resources, and money. Like when Europe colonized Africa because Europeans saw an opportunity for new resources and trade routes back in 1870s.

Europeans stole the Africans land and resources without asking, that’s imperialism. But imperialism in 1870s is not different from imperialism in 1951 for “Africans.” For example Henrietta Lacks, the African-American woman that was a science/cancer experiment for doctors. This woman was used for cancer research for doctors without her consent. “ so when TeLinde offered him a supply of cervical cancer tissue in exchange for trying to grow some cells, Dr.Gey didn’t hesitate. And TeLinde Began collecting samples from ANY woman who happened to walk in Hopkins with cervical cancer. Including Henrietta.”(pg 30). This institute was using black women to grow cancer cells. Does that sound familiar? The story of Henrietta Lacks and The history of The Europeans and Africans are related, they both involved Africans being used for their resources by people that think they’re gods.


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