By Juanima V. 

Imagine being broke, and having kids and and needing help and here comes TVA to the rescue. The citizens of this world shouldn’t have faced the hate and the discrimination they went through because of the great depression. The 1930’s were a bad time in history in some places. At this point in time the Great Depression had just begun and people’s lives began to change, and caused bad and good things amongst everyone and all most everything. During the Great Depression the TVA helped build dams and electricity for people, gave over 9,500 people jobs and also supported 30 million people with social security.  Should all the power go into the hands of the government?should they have all control over citizens and where they live?The government should have all most all control over the citizens because of its great effects on them. They helped get social security / health care and helped with things at stake.

I support Social Security and its great effect on people during the Great Depression. In 1935, just after signing the Social Security Act, FDR delivered a speech in which he said, “this social security measure gives some protection to 30 million of our citizens who will receive direct benefits through unemployment compensation” and “old-age pensions” (Doc A). The Social Security Act  also provided healthcare for those who truly needed it. This supports my reasoning because Social Security helped people survive through the Great Depression. Because FDR gave this speech to explain his reasoning for creating this law, he is unlikely to discuss flaws. For criticisms we must go to other sources such as a letter sent by an anonymous woman to FDR: “I have my savings invested so I will have enough money for old age. Now thanks to the president I can not be sure of anything” (Doc C). In FDR’s perspective she has the money and is doing nothing to help others. In the letter she clearly reveals that she she’s not a person who needs or wants the government’s support; she is “an ordinary white-collar worker at $1600 per year” (Doc C). These kinds of perspectives are still put forth today. Many people are wealthy but decide to keep to themselves and often “avoid” taxes.

The government provided jobs for people who were unemployed through infrastructure building programs like the TVA. The TVA didn’t just provide jobs to a few people, but about 9,500 people who were hired to build dams (Doc B). They decided to build dams in some places because people’s homes were at risk of flooding. They also provided electricity for everyone living in that area. The TVA’s dams created hydroelectricity that powered the Tennessee Valley for the first time. Even children could recognize the change electricity brought to their homes. One mother said: “the first benefit we received from the REA service was lights, and aren’t lights grand? My little boy expressed my sentiments when he said ‘mother, I didn’t realize how dark our house was until we got electric lights’” (Doc C). People saw the benefits of the government trying to help by providing safe homes and electricity.

Overall the government should have a lot of control over the lives of the citizens because the government provides jobs, healthcare, safe homes, and social Security to all who needed it. Some might say that the TVA effect was a bad thing overall, but at the same time they did turn their plans around and helped over eight hundred people during the Great Depression. It is important to consider how much the government should have control  over the lives of its citizens because whatever decision made in 1930 and 1940’s still holds importance today.It it still holds and important point today because of all the good and bad effects on the world. It also can show how well things were back then and how we could be struggling now.


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