By Dylan S.

In this project I am going to let people know about what the government should do for the poor people and their impact on how they should be treating the people who don’t have anything and whether if they are treating their citizens good or bad. In the great depression people in 1929 there stock market had crash and everything they worked for had wiped out leaving millions of good stable people poor, after the great depression everybody who was working and buying what they want lost everything because they couldn’t pay for what they own. The new deal President Franklin went into power in 1933 and he tried to stabilize the growth in the economy and also he gave people who were unemployed he provided them with jobs.

The government should have more charge of the social security taxes for the elderly. The people who are paying taxes for social security are the ones who are paying for the older retired people who can’t work anymore. Doc C FDR“ Young people have come to wonder what would happen to them in old age” If we paying the social security tax money and they not giving the elderly and retired people the money they supposed to get how will they be able to get what they need to live and things they need to get for their health. “This social security measure give some protection to 30 million of our citizens who will receive direct benefits through unemployment compensation, through old-age pension, and through increased services for the protection of children and the prevention of the ill health” the government should take control of the social security because not every an every elderly and retired people get their share of the tax return money they suppose to get. If this is the case of people paying social security tax and the social security not giving the money to the elderly and retired, the government should take control of giving the money to the elderly and retired so they can get there amount of foundation of money they supposed to get.

The government should not have not control on Huey Long criticism from Right and Left. Huey long helped gave people in the south by widening the highways, hospital and educations for betterment and giving the people a program called the ‘share the wealth’. N.D “Long helped expanding the highways system in Louisiana to minimize rural isolation and he expanded both hospital and educational institutions.” Huey wanted betterment for the southerners because everything they had wasn’t to good so he tried his best to do what was best by giving out expansion for the highways and expansion for hospital and also an expansion on the educational institutes, he even made a program for the tax return money so that people who paid taxes will get to know how much money they will be getting back. “His tagline “every man a king” gained him considerable support among the lower middle class, who resented American’s dramatic wealth disparity.” After Huey did all the things he could do for the people they gave him a special name for the expansion on what he did for the southerners and he also made the lower middle class people get a little higher in the expansions he did.

The government should have more control on the TVA. The people of Tennessee had got more and more stuff while the year goes by, but the people had also got new equipments for their houses which made them work faster and enjoy everything that they are doing in peace. Source(b) “And the best part of it is that here the government will have control” In Tennessee the government will have strong control in their country on what they need for their houses and to give them a better house and the farmers works for five hours and half for five straight days trying to get their crops together. “Mother, I didn’t realize how dark our house was until we got electric lights” After the people in the country start getting what they really need, after a while people starting to realize the things that they didn’t really had in their life before and how it’s being useful for them in their homes. The people started getting equipments with electricity and now they starting to get a better and peaceful life from the electricity equipments they are using, they don’t have to use nothing that comes with gasoline anymore.

The government should a little bit of control and should not have too much of the control of the citizens because some of the government are not willing to help their country to get better and the other half of the government are trying to give their citizens the best they can to make them have a better life and try to give them everything that they need. Some people might be against this but they need to know that some of the government are trying but they the others don’t really care about their country on giving them what they really need and how they live. The government should be able to help and protect the rights of the citizens because they are paying taxes out of their pay check and giving it to others and that the government should always help the people not treat them bad an just take there money.


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