By Ericka F.

During the Great Depression people all across the United States faced many hardships in life. Many suffered from low income, poor living conditions, and many health issues. Some men went the entire depression without finding a job. It was difficult to accept financial and material help from the government. So should the government have control over the citizens? If you’re wondering what I mean by control I mean should the government be in charge of the Citizens, and what I mean by citizens is the Americans. In my own opinion the government should be in control of the citizens because the government should provide protection for the children, create jobs for the poor, and provide Social Security for the elderly.

Protection For Children

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 7.01.47 AM.png

The government needed to have control over children because the government was better able to help them  than others. In one historical photograph, children were on trucks without shoes and appeared unsafe (Photograph A1).During the great depression, a 13 year old girl wrote to Eleanor Roosevelt, FDR’S wife   “I am in the 7th grade but I have to stay out of school because I have no books or clothes to wear” (Text A ; L.H., a thirteen year old girl from Arkansas). During this time the government could have given money to parents to help children. Based on one historical photograph, the government gave food to children poor families at school (photograph A2). Children today still get free lunches because, the government provides food for the poor. The government should have enough control to feed the poor. Rich taxpayers might not support the government because its helping the poor. The government must provide this service because it help the starving children.   

Provide Jobs For The Poor

The government should have control to provide Jobs For The Poor because people was dying because they didn’t eat and didn’t have money to eat. The Tva had a positive impact on Americans. One women from Tennessee said that “the first benefit we received from the REA service was lights, and aren’t lights grand.” People who displayed the TVA said that “ although the TVA had been created to improve the conditions of the people of eastern Tennessee the federal government did not offer much help in resettling the displaced people of the Norristown Basin”.

Social Security

The government should have control of citizens because elders need Social Security. During this time social security really helped out elders by giving them money monthly. “This social security measure gives some protection to 30 million of our citizens who will receive direct benefits… through old age pensions” (Doc A). Social Security helps old people by taking money out of young people checks and, giving to them monthly. In my own opinion the government should take money out of people’s checks. In other people’s opinion they shouldn’t take it out of others checks.

In conclusion the government should be in control of Americans in order to provide protection for children, jobs for the poor, and Social Security for the elderly. However these three topic for opportunities for 2017 because if they didn’t focus on these  things. We wouldn’t have some things like social security, protection  for children,and feeding children and having fundraisers for children and last jobs for people how to start it off.


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