By Marcus L.

The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks and European Imperialism can relate to each other in many ways.  The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks is a book made to give light to a much unknown person and to show how important she is. European imperialism is a thing when Europe wanted to imperialize Africa for various reasons. Both of these concepts could be related in a way where they are not that different.

Imperialism and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks are very similar in the fact how they both rely on the Manipulation on colored people. Both the doctors and European colonizers wanted something from colored people. The doctors wanted the cells from Henrietta lacks and the colonizers wanted the African tribes land. The Doctors manipulated Henrietta Lacks to believe she was safe being in the hospital but they were just using her as a study toy for her immortal cells. The doctors were just trying to take her RESOURCES which were her immortal cells. The European Colonizers were people trying to take land from African tribes, some took it by force while other barged in and out right killed them. When the European colonizers asked for the land, they promised them good things, however after some time some of the chiefs realized that nothing good was coming to them and they just basically took their land for free. Both Henrietta Lacks and the African Tribe people couldn’t do anything about this because they basically had no power in this situation. Henrietta Lacks attempted to not go to the hospital because she didn’t want them to take away her organs that allowed her to make babies. The African Tribes could do something by fighting back but it would have been a lost cause because The Europeans were much more advanced than them and I believed they knew that too. Both of them were simply helpless even if they knew what was going on or not.


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